Whether you are going into uniforms for the first time or looking for a new uniform company, Educational Apparel will assist you in the process. Educational Apparel is a FULL SERVICE school uniform company servicing the needs of schools throughout the country. We sell only top quality uniforms at affordable prices and most importantly, we offer the most extensive service in the industry.

  • decreasing violence and theft - even life threatening situations among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers
  • helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school
  • instilling students with discipline
  • helping parents and students resist peer pressure
  • helping students concentrate on their school work
  • helping school officials recognize intruders who come into the school

  • choosing the style of garments should involve parents, students, teachers and administration
  • garments must be affordable and easily available in all sizes
  • the program must address and provide for seasonal options
  • the program will be mandatory system wide, yet allow for special exemptions (limited)
  • a recycling program is helpful - garments are sold/traded for others
  • deal with a uniform retailer that knows the business and has all sizes unlike many discount or department stores

Source: School Uniform Report, The NPD Group, Inc. 1998